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GlucoThix is a naturally derived, anti-irritant non-ionic thickener. This methyl glucose ether is esterified with oleic acid. It is compatible with most ingredients used in today’s liquid surfactant systems. It provides luxurious sensory properties through the formation of a rich, creamy lather and a light, emollient after-feel. It is ideal for formulating cleansing products for babies, children, elderly and those with sensitive skin. It is used in shower gels, facial cleansers, shampoos, hand soaps and intimate- & mild cleansers.

Broad compatibility with various surfactant systems
Naturally derived
Light feel
Very mild and reduces irritation associated with surfactants for safe application around the eyes
Efficient viscosity enhancement – even in difficult to thicken systems
Works well in complex shampoos

INCI Name: PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Trioleate (and) Propanediol

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